“Political virus”

I’m confused. After looking at pages of information in the Star Tribune about “new” cases of COVID I could not find any charts or information showing that the hospitalization and death rate for this virus has been at a steady, low level for at least the past two months around the world. The “number” of positive test rates is meaningless in terms of public health effects. More tests = equal more cases.

Countries with larger populations have a higher number of deaths, duh. But the death “rate” (deaths per size of the population) shows the third largest country (USA) with one of the lowest death rates of major countries. Why the constant focus on the number of cases found vs the actual number of people who are sick? I think we know why. One Western state official was recently asked when they would be able to safely open their schools. She replied that they would not open till after November 3rd. I guess since this has turned into a “political” virus that makes sense.