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Why I'm running for the Senate District 18 seat.

Northwest Wyoming needs a strong voice in Cheyenne to represent the issues and conservative values expressed by most of the people in this district. I'm interested in the statewide issues such as taxes, water and mineral issues, education policies and funding, health care, tourism, distribution of state funds to this district and the relations between the state and federal government. These issues decided at the state level can have a profound impact on this district and we need to have our voice heard.

I believe it's also important to keep the people in this district informed of the important issues affecting the entire state and to seek their ideas and opinions.

My goals if elected are to build relationships with other legislators to achieve mutual goals. Be persuasive and reasonable in representing the views of this district. Keep you informed of the issues being discussed at the state level and seek your opinions. Try to work with all sides seeking the best results for all the state and District 18.

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Be informed.

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Looking for facts on issues?

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Have your voice heard.

Have a conversation to find common ground. Register and vote. Get your friends to vote.