Welcome to my web page.

NWC, established in 1946, is a two-year comprehensive community college serving Park, Big Horn, and Washakie counties,

The board of trustees is an elected group of individuals that has overall responsibility for the management of the college. The board of trustees seeks to ensure the best interest of stakeholders in all types of management decisions.

I'm a great supporter of community colleges and have two AA degrees from different schools. I have also attended various classes at NWC since 1979.  We are lucky to have this resource in our area and I want to help guide NWC into the future. There are exciting ideas being put forth for NWC going forward and I believe my experience and interests in quality education will be useful in this process.

I hope you will vote to allow me to be the Cody representative on this board.

I'll continue this page to share my thoughts on whatever comes to mind. I'll welcome any discussions and entertain different takes on any subject.

Again, thanks to all and watch this space.


Park County Telegraph Interview 8/12/20

Senate Dist 18 Primary  ---- From my front yard. Enjoy.

KODI radio interview 8/6/20

Senate Dist 18 Primary ---- Speak Your Piece podcast.

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Go to this link. JustFacts is non-partisan, non-profit  and richly referenced with source citations.